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HireUp enables companies to achieve the benefits of building a strong, diverse and inclusive workforce by connecting them to underrepresented talent pools who come with pre-and-post employment support.

Why HireUp?

If you are an individual that identifies as having one or more barriers to employment, HireUp has been designed for you! We work closely with a network of community partners and supportive employers to link you to both employment opportunities and any supports you may need.

These barriers include challenges with mental health, disabilities, addictions, trauma, lived experience of homelessness, unfair discrimination, past criminal activity, among others. By working with community agencies and employers, we ensure the right support is provided when you need it.


“It makes finding job a lot more easy!”

“I have experienced that (difficulties finding employment) and it has been difficult to obtain a job in the past… I am now hired because of HireUp.”

“I have had fantastic opportunities for skill and career building and been able to realize a level of financial stability to create future plans for my life. HireUp has the opportunity to give more people in such dire circumstances a real chance at altering their situation in a meaningful way.“

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HireUp works with community agencies coast-to-coast to support their clients into work. If you are affiliated with one of these agencies, you can make an account here and start applying to jobs today.

If not, tell us a little bit about who you are. We’ll work with our existing community partners to connect you to the right employment and other supports.


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This social venture is funded in part by the Government of Canada through the Innovative Solutions to Homelessness Partnering Strategy.

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